Emory Learnlink Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Emory Learnlink Login:





How to gain access into the right Emory Learnlink Login page:

1. Click on this link for the Emory Learnlink Login page as we have made it available for you here: https://www.learnlink.emory.edu/login/.

2. Enter your user I into the first field that has been provided there.

3. Enter the password for your account into the next field that has been provided there.

4. Click the login button in order to proceed into your Emory Learnlink account.






If you are going through trouble with accessing the Emory Learnlink Login page read here for more information.

If by any chance you have forgotten or lost either the user ID or password needed in order to successfully complete the Emory Learnlink Login process, read our note here:

NOTE: Right now there isn't a process available to the public for recovering login credentials. For now, what you will need to do is refer to the contact details later in this article to reach out to someone. Someone at the contacts provided will be able to help with credentials that need to be recovered. Also, should any new process happen on their site, we will update the information for you here on this page as well. Once you have been able to recover any data you need for this process, return to the first step of the login process here.





If you are looking for contact information to reach someone about the Emory Learnlink Login process the information is provided here as well.

Help Center

Phone: 404-727-7777


Campus contacts (by clicking the link)





You will become an expert on the Emory Learnlink Login if you continue to learn here with us. Please go ahead and bookmark this page so that you can refer to it as often as needed very easily.